Monday, 22 July 2024
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From 16th January of 2023. Mr. Ahmet Nayyef Mohammed, CEO of Fondi group Inc is official exclusive Agent and Representative of OTC Bulgaria in Kurdistan Region and Iraq State according to contract agreement No. 2023/01.


OTC Bulgaria is a European Union ISO Organization, having its principal offices at Bulgaria, Sofia 1000, Hristo Belchev 12 str., fl. 2..


This Exclusivity contract agreement is for ten (10) plus ten (10) years duration.


OTC Bulgaria is a well known & experienced ISO provider Organization, staffed with professionals, experts and well trained auditors and employees, having more than 20 years of successful operation in ISO market.

It has many branches and departments in ASIA, European Union, Middle East, even South America counting many thousands of clients.


Its a privilege for Kurdistan Region & Iraq state that one local corporation, like FONDI Group Inc (through Mr. Ahmet Nayyef Mohammed) managed to take exclusive Agency in the area for providing OTC high quality standard services and knowhow to local companies, shops, professionals & organizations.